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The beautiful country of Nepal is situated in the Himalayan mountain range which includes Mount Everest. There is a population of about 30 million people. The mountainous terrain does not lend itself easily to farming. The people have to work very hard and many rely on subsistence farming due to their location in remote mountain villages. Nepal is subject to ecological disasters including flooding and earthquakes, the latest being in 2015. Regular monsoons often make roads impassable.

However, development is gradually taking place in rural areas and many communities have seen large improvements to education, healthcare, and communication and transport infrastructure. Many hydro -electricity projects have been planned for the coming years which will not only help the economy but improve Nepal’s ecological footprint by reducing pollution and deforestation.

Nepal’s economy relies heavily on the tourism industry which employs many people, including the tea shop owners who operate along popular trekking routes high up in the hills. Because of Covid 19, tourism has been hit hard.